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Sleepy Boy

Illustrated by Stephanie Anderson

During the day, the boy has been to the zoo where he has seen a lion and her cub. As nighttime falls, the boy and his father share a book. It's the boy's bedtime, but the boy is not sleepy. He is still with the lions. Sleepy Boy is a lovely hymn from a new author -- a hymn to day and to night, to awake and to asleep, to mother and child, to father and son.

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Polly Kanevsky lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, Chris, and their two cats. She is a graphic designer. This is her first book.

Stephanie Anderson lives in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Her first picture book was Weaving the Rainbow, by George Ella Lyon, in which her art was praised by Kirkus Reviews as "exquisite."

"There is art and craft, both verbal and visual, in this very quiet bedtime story. Unusual and captivating."
-- Kirkus Review, starred reveiw

"With its exquisite artwork and mesmerizing text, this bedtime book is simply enchanting."
-- Publisher's Weekly, starred review

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