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Self-Love Games & Activities

Word Searches, Mazes, & Games to Boost Your Happiness, Resilience, & Well-Being

Discover the power of positivity with these fun and entertaining games and activities designed to help boost your self-love.

Bored? Lonely? Looking for a good time? That’s the perfect time to work on you! Every page of Self-Love Games & Activities has an activity you can do with little or no preparation to stimulate your brain, have some fun, or just pass the time. Simply open to a page and you’ll be instantly occupied with your favorite puzzles, games, and activities like word searches, writing prompts, crosswords, coloring pages, and so much more—all designed to help you learn about yourself and boost your self-love. You’ll not only have fun; you’ll feel great about yourself. Downtime has never been as positively productive as it is with Self-Love Games & Activities.

Isadora Baum is a certified health coach who loves trying new health foods, coaching clients towards achieving their goals, and writing creatively. She has written for Bustle, SHAPE, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, PopSugar, Reader’s Digest, Runner’s World, Prevention, and more. She can’t resist a sample, a glass of red wine or a good margarita, a new HIIT class, French macarons, and an easy laugh.

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