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Sejal Sinha Swims with Sea Dragons

Book #2 of Sejal Sinha
Illustrated by Abira Das



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About The Book

This second book in the chapter book series about a young Indian American girl who loves science and has a big imagination introduces readers to an incredible sea creature—perfect for fans of The Magic School Bus and Over the Moon!

Sejal and her brother, Abu, are excited to visit their aunt, who is a marine biologist. During a fun trip to the beach, Abu discovers a small, blue creature washed up on shore. It’s a blue dragon! Despite its name, it doesn’t breathe fire—but it is fearless, preying on much bigger animals.

Sejal is ready to see the blue dragon in action. With a submarine powered by Imagination Fuel, she plunges into an underseas adventure. She hopes she can learn more about how the small but mighty blue dragon might help her as she deals with her own battle with a class bully.


 CHAPTER ONE Glitter Bomb


  The best part about school projects is definitely the glitter.

  I was working on a poster for my ocean creatures presentation on the dining room table, and I added another dash of red glitter, just to make the tummy of my immortal jellyfish look extra bright.

  “Can I help?” asked my five-year-old little brother, Abu.

  “No way,” I said. “This needs to be perfect.”

  Abu made a pouty face, and then snatched the glitter bottle.

  “Stay away!” I said.

  He got an evil-little-brother look. The next thing I knew, a glitter bomb exploded all over us!

  Our cookies-and-cream-colored Havanese puppy, Fluff Monster, yapped and ran in circles in the cloud of red sparkles. It got all over her fur. All over my hair. All over Abu the most. He looked like he was made of sparkly fire.

  Mom came in to see what Fluff Monster was barking about. She took one look at Abu, and just shook her head. I waited for her to get super mad but instead she laughed. “New look you’re trying out?”

  Abu grinned and twirled. “Yeah, do I look good?”

  “Very good,” Mom said. But she also fixed him with a stern look and held out her hand.

  He stopped twirling and gave her the glitter shaker.

  “Thank you,” Mom said.

  I rolled my eyes because it seemed like Abu never got into trouble for anything. But Mom would probably yell at me for making a mess on the table.

  She came over to look at my poster. “Wow, Sejal! Your project is coming out so nicely. I wish I could live forever like the immortal jellyfish!”

  Phew. She was smiling at least. Maybe her latest experiments at her science lab had been going well or something.

  “Sorry about the mess on the dining table,” I said, “but Fluff Monster kept stealing my markers when I tried to work on it in the basement.”

  I loved Fluff, but she could definitely be naughty sometimes. And she really liked stealing anything that was stick-shaped, like pencils or markers. The dining table was too high for her to reach, though.

  Mom rubbed my shoulders. “It’s okay. Not like we’re expecting anyone today.”

  “Nope, just a normal evening!” Dad said cheerfully from the kitchen. “We can eat dinner on the kitchen island.”

  I noticed he was wearing his favorite frilly apron and was stirring a big pot with lots of steam coming out. Something smelled good, but I’d been so busy working on my project that I hadn’t paid attention until right now.

  Just then, Fluff Monster started barking at the front door.


About The Author

Jamilah Newcomer

Maya Prasad is a South Asian American author, a Caltech graduate, and a former software engineer. She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest, where she enjoys hiking, canoeing, and raising her budding bookworm kiddo. She’s the author of young adult novel Drizzle, Dreams, and Lovestruck Things and the Sejal Sinha chapter book series. Maya has also had short fiction published in Foreshadow: Stories to Celebrate the Magic of Reading and Writing YACast of Wonders, and Voyage YA. She is passionate about creating brown girl leads in children’s literature.

About The Illustrator

Abira Das is a freelance artist with experience in book illustration, graphic design, and video game art. She is the illustrator of the Sejal Sinha chapter book series.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Aladdin (October 10, 2023)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781665911818
  • Grades: 1 - 4
  • Ages: 6 - 9

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