Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America

About The Book

Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author and journalist Gerald Posner brings to life the heroes and villains of the pharmaceutical industry and how a business meant to save lives is steeped in corruption and reckless profiteering—with deadly consequences.

Pharmaceutical breakthroughs represent some of the greatest advancements in human history. But, a raging opioid epidemic and soaring drug prices have contributed to an unprecedented breakdown in trust between the public and the pharmaceutical industry, demanding a national reckoning with how miraculous promises are marketed.

At the center of Pharma, is the story of the fourteen-billion-dollar family that founded the company most responsible for America’s deadly opioid crisis. Gerald Posner traces the Sacklers’ quiet rise to power, a company buried under a byzantine web of interlocking companies with ever changing names and hidden owners. The Sackler family provides a vivid case study of the ethical lapses and the reckless profiteering that characterize much of Big Pharma.

Over the last thirty years, the industry has mostly abandoned research for new antibiotics while concentrating on higher profit medications that treat chronic illnesses. As a result, many scientists believe Big Pharma has unwittingly created the opening for the next worldwide pandemic. Pharma draws on thousands of government and corporate archives to expose an industry that sits at the intersection of public health and profits.

About The Author

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Gerald Posner was one of the youngest attorneys ever hired by the Wall Street law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore. He is the author of eleven books, including New York Times bestsellers, and one a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in History.  Posner has written dozens of articles for national magazines and papers and has been a regular contributor to NBC, the History Channel, CNN, FOX News, CBS, and MSNBC. He lives in Miami Beach with his wife, author Trisha Posner.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Avid Reader Press / Simon & Schuster (March 10, 2020)
  • Length: 480 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781501152047

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"A dogged reporter exhaustively pursues the nefarious enrichment of the Vatican, from the Borgias to Pope Francis. . . . A meticulous work that cracks wide open the Vatican's legendary, enabling secrecy." Kirkus

“A fast-paced read that brings history alive on every page. The book will captivate those who prefer their historical nonfiction spiked with real-life tales of murder, power, and intrigue.”Booklist

“Posner uses his superlative investigative skills to craft a fascinating and comprehensive look at the dark side of the Catholic Church. . . . Accessible and well written, Posner’s is the definitive history of the topic to date.” Publishers Weekly (starred)

“A highly anticipated book, the result of a nine year investigation by author Gerald Posner. It reads like Robert Ludlow’s fiction [and] paints a picture of murder, double-dealing, and fraud surrounding the bank.” —Michael Smerconish, CNN

"A stunning exposé by investigative reporter Gerald Posner. As exciting as a mystery thriller." Providence Journal

“Expertly shows that theory and conjecture aren’t necessary when the real-life narrative is compelling enough. . . . Posner’s history of the institution reads like a sprawling novel, full of complex characters and surprising twists. . . . Readers interested in issues involving religion and international finance will find Posner’s work a compelling read.” Library Journal

God’s Bankers is often fascinating reading, full of international intrigue. . . . God’s Bankers is meticulously researched. Almost 200 pages of end notes indicate the care Posner took in nine years spent researching his subject. . . . The book tells a compelling story, but never at the expense of journalistic principles. Posner might speculate, but he is always careful to mark it as such, and to point out the facts and primary sources that support or undermine the speculation. . . . His work pulls together existing scholarship and massive amounts of original research to present the closest thing to a definitive account of the workings of money and finance within the Vatican that could be produced without cooperation from the Vatican itself.” Washington Independent Review of Books

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