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Perfect Business: How To Make A Million From Home With No Payroll No Debts No

How To Make A Million From Home With No Payroll No Employee Headaches No Debt

Today, with millions of displaced corporate employees looking for new career options and millions of women seeking ways to earn a living while caring for young children, a staggering one third of America's labor force is working at home already -- and the number continues to grow.
In The Perfect Business, Michael LeBoeuf guides the listener to success-oriented thinking, covering such topics as:
• How to get paid to market yourself
• How to use the smart tools of information technology to increase your productivity
• How millionaires think and what they do to become millionaires
• How to choose a million-dollar business that's right for you
Unlike routine home-office guides, The Perfect Business does not focus on the physical and financial mechanics of organizing and running a home business. Michael LeBoeuf knows that how we think is the single most important factor in determining how wealthy we become. With right thinking comes the right choices that lead to success.

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