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Outside and Inside Dinosaurs



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About The Book

What did dinosaurs sound like? How did they feel to the touch? What sorts of things did they eat?
Explore these questions and more in this remarkable and cutting-edge introduction to the giants of bygone days. Learn about dinosaurs on the outside -- their skin, horns, and claws -- and on the inside -- their teeth, brains, and bones. Uncover what scientists already know about these ancient creatures, as well as the new technologies they are using to learn even more. Extraordinary full-color photographs, lively text, and vivid descriptions make this a must-have for dinosaur enthusiasts and budding scientists alike. Curious young readers will delight in this close look at dinosaurs -- from the inside out!

About The Author

(c) Sandra Markle

Sandra Markle is an author of children's books. She has published more than 200 non-fiction books for children. She worked on a project for the National Science Foundation called Kit & Kaboodle which helped students to understand science better.

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