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Accept it, he is dead.
No, it’s not true.
It is. Everyone thinks so except you.
When the family home in London is bombed in the early 1940s, Maddie and her two young daughters take refuge in Norfolk, in the country house where Maddie’s husband Philip spent the summers of his childhood. But Philip is gone, believed to have been killed in action in northern France. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Maddie refuses to give up hope that she and Philip will some day be reunited.
Something happened at Knyghton one summer years before.   Something unresolved, that involved Philip, his cousin Lyle and a mysterious young woman named Flora.  Maddie’s curiosity, which turns to desperation to find out the truth, is shut down at every turn. No one will speak about it, and no one will reassure Maddie that Philip will ever return to Knyghton.
A beautifully rendered novel about loyalty and betrayal, hope and despair, a husband and wife separated by secrets as well as by distance, One Moonlit Night is the extraordinarily powerful new novel from the bestselling author Rachel Hore.

Charlotte Murphy

Rachel Hore worked in London publishing for many years before moving with her family to Norwich, where she taught publishing and creative writing at the University of East Anglia until deciding to become a full-time writer. She is the Sunday Times (London) bestselling author of ten novels, including The Love Child. She is married to the writer D.J. Taylor and they have three sons. Visit her at and connect with her on Twitter @RachelHore.

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