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Ocean Oracle

What Seashells Reveal About Our True Nature

Everyone remembers spending a day at the beach as a child collecting seashells, but what if those seashells were more than just pretty objects? What if those shells could actually tell you something about your hidden thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes? Ocean Oracle: What Seashells Reveal about Our True Nature is the bridge to learning this secret language. Simply put, seashells function as tools that enable us to speak with our subconscious, allowing the inner self to communicate the information it considers most valuable for our growth. By listening to the shells with the guidance of Ocean Oracle, you can tap into your own innate wisdom and joy.

Included with the book are:
• 200 shell cards in full color
• 4 full color plates, 8.25 x 16.25" with all shell photos in full color

Enjoy exploring the language of shells by yourself or with a group of friends.

Photograph courtesy of author

Michelle Hanson has devoted her life to studying the language of shells. After many years of interpreting seashells for family and friends, Michelle’s success led her to take this unique talent to the public. She also has created a program to teach seashell divination to others.

"I've been drawn to sea shells since I was a young child so I was delighted to see their considerable wisdom recognized and made accessible for everyone in Ocean Oracle."

-- Christiane Northrup, M.D., pioneer in women's medicine

"...the Ocean Oracle...puts the wisdom of the sea within your reach and translates its timeless language...A beautiful, unique toolkit to decode the wisdom of the deep."

-- Kristine Pidkameny, editor of One Spirit Book Club