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Based on the extensive research of a Yale Ph.D., this book explores the presence of office romances, such as what it takes to make an office romance work, what threatens it, and how it affects career advancement for those involved.

After surveying one hundred executive women about their opinion on and experiences with love in the workplace, Dr. Lisa A. Mainiero has put together a guide filled with everything there is to know about the evolution of the office romance.

Beginning with commentary on what brought about the epidemic of meeting, dating, and mating in the workplace, readers will find tips on risks to avoid when dating coworkers, as well as the benefits of maintaining the right kind of office romance and just what it takes to make sure it doesn’t go south.

From information on relationships between unequals within the office ranks to how corporate culture can affect romance, this book spills all the details on why dating in the workplace works great for some but can be threateningly dangerous for others.