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Love's Damage

A Novel

On the quest for perfect love, three individuals attempt anything to ward off any further pain—no matter the consequences.

Negating the laws that govern the heart, three very different people try to love on their own terms. As each character takes a ride on this rollercoaster of love, they endure many highs, lows, and unforeseen twists and turns. Can they ever fully recover from this emotional ride?

Everyone who has had their heart broken can relate as Love’s Damage centers on three people who can’t seem to elude heartache despite attempts to find love on their own terms. On a quest for happiness, encompassed with the bitter and the sweet of falling in love, they let down their guards. Love’s Damage takes drama to another level, piquing readers’ curiosity with the characters’ exploits—everything from Internet dating to attempts of recapturing old flames—all in the name of true love.

Tyran Xavier Weldon

Timothy M. Carson is a native of Orlando, Florida, but currently resides in Newark, New Jersey. When the Truth Lies is his first book. He is the author of Love’s Damage (2011). Please connect with Timothy on Facebook and Twitter.

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