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Littlenose the Magician

Illustrated by Ross Collins

Littlenose lives long, long ago, when fierce wild animals roam the land, and it is very cold. His home is a cave, his clothes are made of fur and his pet is a woolly mammoth called Two-Eyes.

Littlenose wants to be a magician, pulling rabbits out of a fur hat, turning twigs into flowers and making things disappear. The Doctor can do it. Why can't he? But magic doesn't come easily to Littlenose, who seems to conjure up chaos without trying . . .

John Grant originally invented Littlenose to entertain his children, but it went on to become a global success. He wrote and illustrated over 13 Littlenose books between 1968 and 1993.

Ross Collins won the highly coveted Macmillan Prize during his final year in art college, and since then he has illustrated over thirty books for children, including the extremely successful and highly critically acclaimed Supposing and The Three Grumpies (Bloomsbury). Ross lives in Glasgow.

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