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Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

Can You Spot the Truth from the Lies?

Published by Trusted Media Brands
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Fact or Fiction?  Kids and adults alike will have fun finding out if what they think they already know is actually truth or lies.  The fun is in quizzing yourself, then finding out the answers.  After you do that, you can try it on your friends!

Whether it’s facts about dinosaurs or a myth about oceans that they always thought was true, the fun facts in this book are guaranteed to amaze kids and parents alike. From weird animal behavior to ancient civilizations, from mighty dinosaurs to fabulous inventions kids can discover the remarkable truth or uncover amazing myth busters. First, they can test their knowledge at the beginning of each chapter and then turn the page to find out what is true and what is false.


  • True or False: Cockroaches can survive without their heads – True! Since they can survive for many days without food, cockroaches don’t need their heads to keep going. Unlike humans, cockroaches breathe through parts of their body, there is no nose on their heads. It can survive for weeks without one. Talk about a brawny bug!

  • True or False: An avalanche can happen if someone yells on a snow-covered mountain – False! In movies and TV shows, avalanches are triggered when someone shouts or fires a gun. In reality, this isn’t powerful enough to start one. Many avalanches are caused when the weight of a person crossing an unstable slope dislodges the snow so it rushes down the mountain, often taking the person with it.

  • True or False: The first explorer to reach the South Pole was Robert Falcon Scott – False! In 1912, when Robert Falcon Scott made a grueling trek to the South Pole, he found himself in a race with a team of Norwegians, led by Roald Amundsen. Both men were determined to reach the Pole first. When Scott’s team finally reached their target, to the dismay they found the Norwegians had beaten them to it – by a moth! On the return journey, Scott and his team perished from starvation and frostbite.

  • True or False: The skeletons of babies and adult humans have the same number of parts – False! When babies are born, their skeletons contain nearly 300 parts. As they grow older, some of the parts fuse together, and by adulthood, the skeleton consists of 206 bones.

  • True or False: The human nose produces a cupful of mucus everyday – False! Scientists have estimated the nose can produce up to a liter a day of mucus, most of which will be swallowed. Snot traps dirt, pollen and germs, and stops them from getting in your lungs, which could make you ill. The mucus near your nostrils dries our around the particles, forming a green lump. The rest of the mucus slides down your throat. Yuck!


With these and hundreds more incredible true or false questions, kids will have a great time testing their knowledge and learning incredible truths and uncovering lousy lies!

About The Author

Product Details

  • Publisher: Trusted Media Brands (May 10, 2012)
  • Length: 144 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781606524763
  • Grades: 4 - 6
  • Ages: 9 - 12

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