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Just Clean Enough

Home Organization in an Imperfect World

A clean house means peace of mind. But who has the time to keep on top of it?

Fortunately, this book breaks down home organization and gives busy families a solution. Unlike other decluttering books that press for perfection, this flexible guide features tips for each room in the house and helps you tackle your clutter in any way that works for you. With helpful icons that highlight quick tasks more suitable for weeknights as well as time-consuming jobs best left for the weekend, you will clean up and still have time for fun!

After all, why spend all day cleaning when it's easy to do small things, like:

  • Dump out the junk drawer
  • Toss unnecessary papers
  • Corral kids' toys
  • Clean out the medicine cabinet

Before long, you will be able to clean up your act--one closet, one room, one day at a time!

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