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I Used to Know That: World History

Intriguing Facts About the World's Greatest Empires, Leader's, Cultures and Conflicts

Published by Trusted Media Brands
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

It can be difficult to keep different historical events and figures straight in your head, which is why I Used to Know That: World History presents major episodes in history with short, easily understood sections. Among the people, movements, and events covered are:


·        Ancient Greece and Rome-Learn about the birth of democracy and the death of the Roman Republic

·        The Middle Ages-From the Crusades to the Hundred Years War and the signing of the Magna Carta to the Black Plague

·        The Renaissance-A cultural revival that changed art, poetry, learning, and religion forever

·        The Revolutionary War-How America became independent; George Washington, the “father of the nation”

·        The Age of Empire-European colonialism in Africa and Asia; American expansion and the Civil War

·        Wars of the 20th Century-World War I and World War II; Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt; the Cold War; the rise and fall of fascism and communism


Packed with important facts and sweeping overviews of historical events, I Used to Know That: World History is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the history of civilization and the geopolitical situation of today.