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someone you know
needs a hug today may even be you!

The bond between a child and an aunt is one of the most unique relationships anyone can enjoy. An aunt may look and even act just like your mother or she may be the complete opposite. Whatever the case, aunts are the ones who stand beside moms when nieces and nephews enter the world and from that moment on, they take their place as friends and mentors. Aunts buy special treats, go on vacations with you, and some may even help with homework when Mom doesn't understand the questions. She is always there for you.

The pages of this book are filled with hugs to tell your aunt just how important she is to you. Heartwarming stories, inspirational messages, personalized scriptures, and uplifting quotes written just for aunts will bring a smile to your aunt's face.

If you're an aunt receiving this unique gift book, know that it's given in love from a niece or nephew who appreciates all you have done.

About The Author

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Karen Moore is the author of over thirty books for both children and adults, including God’s Graduate, When You Haven’t Got a Prayer, A Taste of the Spirit, and Battlefield of the Mind for Kids. Karen is a teacher, writer, speaker, and mother of three grown children, grandmother of three, and the aunt of several fabulous young adults.

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