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How to Think Like Frank Lloyd Wright

Creative Activities to Inspire Young Architects

This amazing book offers a fascinating look into Frank Lloyd Wright's creative process--and offers simple suggestions and activities for aspiring architects!

Frank Lloyd Wright looked to nature for inspiration. “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you," he famously said. It is “necessary to learn from trees, flowers, shells—objects which contain truths of form following function.” How to Think Like Frank Lloyd Wright takes these lessons to heart, transforming this notion into practical exercises that empower kids 10 and up to create original patterns, designs, drawings, structures, furniture, and more. Using nature, and different habitats as inspiration--and looking at Wright's own sketches, abstractions, floorplans, and finished works, this book offers a template for future artists and architects to experience his creative process. Projects such as designing a stained glass window to sketching houses for different habitats, from designing roofs for different climates to envisioning a home organized around a central fireplace will encourage artists to look at the world in a whole new way! Wipe-off grids, worksheets, and geometric sticker shapes invite the reader to dive in and design throughout the book.

This unique exploration of some of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous works--and the thinking behind them--is part history, part guided sketch book, and most importantly, the perfect tool to spark the imagination of the next generation of visionaries.