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Help, I Don't Want a Babysitter!

Illustrated by Anne-Kathrin Behl

A reassuring and hilarious look at a child’s trepidation about meeting his first babysitter then realizing he adores her! When Ollie’s parents hire a babysitter, Ollie’s cuddle buddy Stubbs imagines the worst: what if the babysitter sprays them with stinky perfume . . . what if the babysitter only cooks yucky green vegetables? But when Ollie and Stubbs meet Ella . . . what happens next just might surprise you! Anke Wagner’s pitch-perfect story and Anne-Kathrin Behl’s humorous illustrations will comfort and entertain!

Anke Wagner was born in Mülheim, Germany. She finds joy in writing children’s books. She gets her ideas while working in the garden. Her most important critics are her two grown-up daughters.

Anne-Kathrin Behl grew up in Greifswald, Germany. She studied illustration at the HAWin Hamburg. In addition to illustrating children’s books, she organizes creative workshops and events for children.