Guitar Strumming Patterns

Easy-to-Use, Easy-to-Carry, One Chord on Every Page

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The latest title in a series of practical music guides, this book focuses on strumming technique for guitarists of all levels. Expect to see guidance on general notation, timing and rhythm, as well as a broad selection of useful strumming patterns to try. Also included are basic chord charts and examples of different strumming styles, with tips on altering, adapting and combining them. This essential tool for guitarists is presented in a simple and clutter-free manner, and the compact, spiral-bound format is designed for easy use while practising or performing.

Jake Jackson is creator, editor or contributor to over 30 music books, including 'Guitar Chords', 'Piano and Keyboard Chords', 'Scales and Modes', 'How to Play Guitar'. As guitarist and songwriter he has gigged in a number of bands, including Slice, The Harmonics and Starbank and studied a form of Flamenco guitar. A heavy user of Sibelius and Logic Pro.