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Great Time Coming

The Life Of Jackie Robinson From Baseball to Birmingham

Jackie Robinson's extraordinary courage, his unflappable dignity, and his astonishing feats on the field as the first African-American to play on a major league team made him not only a great sports legend but a genuine American hero. In this comprehensive, moving portrait, David Falkner explores in detail the lifelong influences on Robinson, the pressures he had to bear, and the contributions he made to the cause of integration.
From Robinson's famous battle with the army over segregation to his rigidly maintained restraint in the face of ugly prejudice and life-threatening hostility from baseball fans and players alike, to his post-baseball efforts to help African-Americans establish an economic base within mainstream America, Falkner illuminates Robinson's inner strengths and his determination to make a lasting difference in American society.

David Falkner is the author of several books, including The Last Yankee and Nine Sides of the Diamond. A special contributor to The Sporting News, Falkner lives in New York City.

Jonathan Yardley The Washington Post Book World ...David Falkner's life of Robinson, the first full-dress biography to regard him with equal seriousness as a baseball player and a major figure in the civil-rights revolution.

Darryl Brock San Francisco Chronicle [Great Time Coming] is a balanced, probing, intelligent and often gripping study of a man who became a symbol for millions.

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