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Escape from . . . the Titanic

Patrick is an Irish bellboy working on the Titanic to help his family back home. Sarah is a passenger excited to return to America. Neither of them knows that they are about to embark on the most dangerous trip of their lives.

The unsinkable Titanic is not quite what Sarah expected. Instead of dining with movie stars, she finds herself having more fun in steerage with the family of her new friend, Patrick, a bellboy. He shows her all the secrets that the greatest ship in the world has to offer, like heated swimming pools and first-class cabins.
But then . . . disaster! The ship crashes into an iceberg, and water begins rushing into the lower decks. The Titanic is going down fast-into the deep, icy Atlantic. Can Sarah find her new friends in time? Can Patrick do his duty and also save himself? Will either of them manage to escape one of the deadliest shipwrecks in history?