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Nature's Immune Enhancer

The plant group Echinacea (common name, purple coneflower) is known as a non-specific stimulant to the immune system. A native of this continent, it was highly valued in Native American medicine, where it had more applications than any other plant. Today, research shows clear scientific reasons for its effectiveness. Foster, a widely respected herbalist, provides both a contemporary and historical look at this important herb and its healing properties, and makes a plea for conserving and protecting it in the wild.

A portion of the author's proceeds will go to support Echinacea conservation efforts at the Ozark Beneficial Plant Project in Brixey, Missouri.

Herbalist, author, photographer, conservationist, and researcher, Steven Foster is renowned for his extensive work with Echinacea. He is the co-author of Herbal Emissaries and the Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants, and author of Herbal Bounty-The Gentle Art of Herb Culture, Special Publications Editor for the American Botanical Council (Austin, Texas), and Associate Editor of Herbalgram.

"Considering the popularity of this herb, its many safely documented uses, and Foster's excellent knowledge of his subject and entertaining writing style, this book should become an herbal best-seller."

– HerbalGram

"One of America's most widely respected herbalists takes readers on a trip through the history, pharmacological uses, and the future of Echinacea."

– Health Foods Business

"This well-researched book offers a wide range of information on this important plant. As always with any of this author's work, it is very well done."

– The Herbal Connection

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