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DC Super Hero Science

Book #29 of DC Super Heroes
Published by Downtown Bookworks
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



About The Book

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, Batgirl, Bumblebee and other beloved DC super heroes make science fun and engaging for kids 6 and up.

What can Superman tell us about force, gravity, and motion? What makes flight possible (other than a cape)? Can science explain how Wonder Woman’s plane is invisible? Does Martian Manhunter weigh more on Earth or on Mars? Are there rocks, like Kryptonite, that can make humans sick? How does Aquaman breathe underwater? What is the sound barrier and what happens when The Flash breaks it—and what would he need to eat for breakfast to have enough energy to run that fast?!

DC Super Hero Science is a clever, clear, action-packed exploration of popular science topics experienced through the lens of DC’s beloved super heroes.


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training animals; training dogs; amphibians; amphibian; bend metal; bending metal; ions; mechanical waves; electromagnetic waves; transverse waves; longitudinal waves; sound waves; frequency; wavelength; amplitude; particle; theoretical; theoretically; seismic waves; earth’s crust; tectonic plates; earth’s crust; earth’s mantle; earth’s outer core; earth’s inner core; earth’s core; earths crust; earths mantle; earths out core; earths inner core; earths core; seismograph; how to make; internal organs; lungs; hearth; stomach; liver; large intestine; small intestine; brain; brain function; how the brain works; neurology; neurologist; physician; gills; how fish breathe underwater; how fish breath underwater; how do fish breathe; how do fish breath; oxygen; sunlight; life on earth; muscles; the speed of light; the speed of sound; surface tension; how to build a model; instructions for building a model; structure of the eye; structure of the human; structure of human; cornea; lens; retina; science of sight; science of hearing; science of the senses; x-ray; x-rays; gamma; infrared light; thermal energy; exothermic; endothermic; ultraviolet light; ultra violet light; spectroscope; making a spectroscope; building a spectroscope; mechanical systems; lever; wheel; axle; inclined plane; pully; pullies; wedge; screw; radar; cyborg; cyborgs; prosthesis; prosthetic; prosthetics; spaceships; spaceship; outer space; outerspace; immune system; rare rocks; carbon; graphine; 3D graphine; stronger than steel; immune system; deadly plants; José Luis García-López; García-López; Luis García-López; García López; Jose Luis Garcia Lopez; Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez; Garcia-Lopez; Luis Garcia-Lopez; García Lopez; Jose Luis Garcia Lopez; Iron Man; The Incredible Hulk; Thor; captain america; First Avenger; the avengers; Dark World; Winter Soldier; Guardians of the Galaxy; Age of Ultron; Ant-Man; ant man; Doctor Strange; Homecoming; Ragnarok; Black Panther; Infinity War; Ant-Man and the Wasp; Captain Marvel; Endgame; 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The Judas Contract; Intergalactic Games; Harley Quinn; Two-Face; Eagle Talon; Brave and the Bold; Gotham by Gaslight; Hell to Pay; Batman Ninja; Legends of Atlantis; the Fatal Five; Red Son; Man of Tomorrow; Apokolips War; 

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