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Cheers, America

How an Englishman Learned to Love America

An editor at BBC-TV takes a witty and honest look at the “special” relationship between the US and the UK.


Justin Webb was the BBC’s man in America. He covered politics and interviewed presidents, but more importantly he reported, as Alistair Cooke once did, on the rich tapestry of American life. This is his toast to a country he called home for the best part of a decade.

Webb’s America is a place of possibility and promise. He is scornful of those who think the nation is in decline, and posits an exciting new diplomatic era in which America diversifies its international relationships.

Cheers, America will make you smile. Its wry and heartfelt observations provide a redeeming vision of our country at a time when it is redefining its identity.

Adi Raval

Justin Webb was the BBC’s North America Editor for eight years, from 2001 to 2009. He currently hosts the popular Today program on Radio 4 in the UK. He lives in London with his wife and three children.

"Webb was the BBC's North American editor for eight years. Here he straddles the Pond to explore the tectonic shifts between Britain and America, and why, even if they rub each other up the wrong way, the two nations are inextricably linked."

– The Times (London)

“Unashamedly chatty and unscientific... A mixture of anecdote, memoir and provocative assertion.”

– New Statesman

"Webb offers a fun look at politics."

– Catholic Herald

"Webb's take on the two great nations is expert, familiar, profound, funny."

– Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio Host