Change Up

Change Up

For Ages: 8 - 12
In the third book in the New York Times bestselling middle grade series inspired by the life of iconic New York Yankee Derek Jeter, Derek’s father keeps his promise to coach his son’s youth baseball team.

Derek is sure this will be the best season yet! He has it all planned—his dad will have him start at shortstop, and the team will cruise to a championship. But sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. Change Up focuses on a key life lesson of Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation—Deal with Growing Pains—in the series companion to Hit & Miss and The Contract, about which The Wall Street Journal said, “the play by play action is exciting and the lessons many.”

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A Reading Group Guide to

Change Up

By Derek Jeter with Paul Mantell

Discussion Questions

Chapter 1—Curveball

Derek Jeter has been waiting a long time for his dad, Charles Jeter, to be the coach of his Little League baseball team. It’s been his dream, and it’s finally going to happen this season. Describe and discuss a dream that you’ve had for you or a family member. How is it similar or different from Derek’s? What steps do you have to take to make it come true?

In The Contract, the first book in this series, we recall that Derek’s parents established a contract to ensure that he succeeds in school and accomplishes his life dreams. This contract lists several expectations and carries penalties for breaking the rules. Does your family have specific rules or expectations for you that involve your behavior and school activities? Explain what happens if you violate these rules.

Sometimes a metaphorical curveball can be thrown your way when you’re not expecting it. When Derek’s dad does not manage the team as Derek expected, Derek’s dreams about playing shortstop on a Little League championship team appear hopeless. Share an unexpected incident or event in your life that disrupted your good mood or hopeful attitude.

Chapter 2—Nightmare

Derek is shocked when he hears that his class rival, Gary Parnell, i see more

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Derek Jeter
Maureen Cavanagh/Jeter Publishing

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is a fourteen-time All-Star and five-time World Series winner who has played for one team—the storied New York Yankees—for all twenty seasons of his major league career. His grace and class on and off the field have made him an icon and role model far beyond the world of baseball.