Case of the Deadly Kiss

(Part of Prologue Crime)
About The Book

He followed her for a block . . . swiftly and silently. As she neared the park, he smiled tightly and began to close in.

When she reached the park, she began to run across the frozen ground. Her head was down and her arms were hugging the coat around her.

She must be cold. Well, she’d warm up when hell opened its doors for her! He ran after her.

Then he was upon her. Before a cry could reach her lips, he had grasped her throat and kicked her off balance. She fell, stunned with fright. Without releasing his grasp on her throat, he straddled her body and peered into her eyes. Bending forward suddenly, he forced his mouth onto hers and deliberately smeared his lips slowly over hers. Then he lifted his head. “This is how they do it!” he whispered. “You cop lover! This is how they do it!”

Product Details
  • Publisher: Prologue Books (October 2012)
  • Length: 100 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781440559716

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