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Chapter One

LOCATION: “We found the remains of a giant buried in the old Roman galleries in the mines. Once we excavated the dirt around its bones, it was clear that it was no less than ten meters long. The men crossed themselves even though the communist guards were watching. Everyone was excited. Several yelled the word Hyperboreans, then said prayers. The next day, the Soviets came and placed it off-limits.”

—Miner from Rosia Montana, Romania, 1976

Herodotus mentioned them first. I think the Greeks believed they were the gods of the north wind —Sarah

Just another word for “giants” —Matt

Hyperboreans. I remember reading about those in Conan —Steve

Weston Ochse is called “one of the major horror authors of the 21st century” by the American Library Association. Whether he’s writing horror, science fiction, or thrillers, Weston’s life skills and his more than thirty years in the military, traveling all over the world, has given him a unique perspective on the poignancy of the human condition, which he strives to embrace in all of his literary work.

“Spooky believability: I love a good conspiracy with just a touch of the supernatural associated with it.” —Joe M., Editorial Director, on Bone Chase

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