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Blood and Water and Other Stories

Dark, unnerving and wickedly funny, Patrick McGrath's acclaimed short stories deal in the bizarre, the erotic and the unexpected. A failed writer meets an ageing gin-queen who claims he was once visited by an angel; a little girl finds a delirious, dying explorer from the Congo at the bottom of her back garden; a night-club is terrorized by a strange libidinous hand; and a young Victorian lady sails to India to find her fiance Cecil horribly transformed...

"His prose, sinuous, savoury and sly, is a delight."

– Graham Swift

"Electrically unearthing the psychotic underside, Patrick McGrath's stories are brilliant... You believe every word."

– David Hughes, Mail On Sunday

Patrick McGrath's stories are a treat... evoked with a perfect blend of affection and spookery, morbidity and hilarity."

– Graham Swift

"Ancient Southern Plantations, isolated manor houses, places where ghosts like to lurk... the result is fiction that can be as powerful as it is strange."

– New York Times

"An imaginative collection... Opening with the unforgettable "Angel", McGrath's accessibility and flair for the absurd provide us with a palatable blend of humour and creepiness."

– Q

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