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Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom

Spiritual Connections of Crystal Vibrations and Animal Medicine

Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Shares the wisdom of animals and their matching gemstones to help work on yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually

• Reveals the energetic connections between 88 different animal allies and 88 gems, stones, and crystals from the mineral kingdom

• Includes animal medicine teachings from a variety of creatures, from hummingbirds and cats to dolphins and bears, to help you find inner peace, knowledge, and wisdom

• Explains how the color, formation, and the manner in which a stone grows in the Earth offers a teaching to know yourself and your life purpose

All creatures, great and small, in all species on this planet are interconnected. When an animal, insect, bird, or other creature from nature appears repetitively, whether in real life or dreams, it is time to pay attention and find the message that nature is bringing you. There are many teachings available to us through the observation of a particular animal totem and their habits and patterns. For example, parrot medicine can teach us to see life from another perspective as we mimic the wise ones who have walked on the path before us. Mouse medicine teaches us to scrutinize all the details before taking action. Bear may teach you to go within yourself to find answers within your personal cave. Every animal is an ally, and every animal has a story to help you find inner peace, knowledge, and wisdom.

The associated gemstone for each animal totem is a further indication of the energy of the animal as symbolism and a teaching on your sacred journey. Crystals, minerals, and stones hold the history of the Earth and all this planet has to offer you to evolve your soul and spirit in this incarnation. The color, formation, and the manner in which the stone grows in the Earth offers a teaching to know yourself and your life purpose. It takes time and inner reflection to understand the messages and clues throughout the gemstone kingdom.

Matching the teachings of animals with the teachings of gemstones, Margaret Ann Lembo shows how there is symbolism in all around offering clues to light your path. Exploring 88 gems, stones, and crystals and 88 different animal allies, she details the spiritual connections of crystal vibrations and animal medicine, providing you with a deeper understanding of the interconnected energies of everything around us. She shows how the spiritual fulfillment you seek is available to you in so many ways and this path of working with gemstones and animal medicine is just one of many.


Antelope and Ruby

Do you notice that you are quicker to understand what’s going on than other people are? Or do you feel like everyone else gets what’s happening, and you keep missing the point and the opportunities? Are you trying to get motivated to act? Are you mindful of taking more than you need for daily survival needs?

Antelope totem is an ally that will help you improve you the quickness of your mind. The energy of antelope is beneficial when you are shoring up and supporting your crown chakra on all levels--mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. On a mental level, learn to adapt to the changing landscape of your life and understanding. On a physical level, support your brain with the right nutrition and right use of food and supplies. On a spiritual level, take the time for contemplation, meditation, and prayer. On an emotional level, embrace your feelings and integrating any emotions that need extra attention.

Antelope is also known as pronghorn and belongs to the same family as gazelles--the Bovidae family. All gazelles are antelopes, though not all antelopes are gazelles. The horns of Antelope remain with the male and female antelope for life, which is usually eight to ten years in the wild. Their top speed is up to 43 miles per hour!

If antelope leaps in your life, acclimate and rapidly move forward. Take time to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned in that period of time--both intellectual knowledge as well as the understanding of life. Antelope signals that it may be beneficial to think about where you want to be eight to ten years in the future. Observe the messages, for they lead you to a better understanding of your life purpose.

Antelope’s Vibrational Matching Gemstone: Ruby

Ruby aligns with Antelope medicine because of the energetic quickness that antelope offers. Ruby aligns you with higher consciousness. It helps you be aware of the spiritual and mystical experience of the unity of the universe.

Just like the energy of the gemstone ruby, look to Antelope when you need extra energy around your ability to adapt and take action quickly. Antelope as an ally strengthens your clarity and ability to be decisive and do what needs to be done for any given situation. Be active and do things that amplify good health and vitality.

Divine Influence: Archangel Ariel increases your vitality, Archangel Camael helps when you need to move forward with great force, and Archangel Uriel provides wisdom and enhances your ability to make decisions.

Antelope’s Location on the Wheel of Life: the north-northwest quadrant, where wisdom is integrated into your life.

Contemplate This

Have you been trying to understand why things are the way they are? Do you wish you could be quicker to grasp scenarios in your life and around you? Are you paying attention to only gather what you can use to avoid waste? Recognize that every day you have the opportunity to realign yourself with the highest good. Think about what activities improve your courage to take action swiftly. Find ways to improve your mental abilities through mind exercises and meditation.

Message from Antelope

Take action and do it now! Be alert. Pay attention. Swiftness and immediate response are important. Engage in activities that strengthen your courage to take action swiftly. Improve your mental abilities through mind exercises and meditation. Maintain focus and persevere. It is time to establish guidelines for honoring all life by avoiding situations that waste time and resources.

Antelope Affirmation

Vital life force flows vibrantly through me. I am strong and healthy. I am adaptable and take immediate action. I am an intelligent being with the ability to focus on complex tasks. I am blessed to have a deep understanding of the truth. I am grateful to have mental clarity.
Message from Ruby

It is time to take steps to improve your endurance and overall ability to think through complex problems promptly. Know that you are an intelligent being and that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. Engage in illuminating activities such as meditation, contemplation, and inner reflection. Strive to better comprehend the nature of reality.

Additional Vibrational Matching Gemstones for Antelope: fluorite, mookaite jasper, red calcite, red jasper, red tiger’s eye, sapphire, sunstone, tiger iron, golden topaz, vanadinite.

About The Author

Margaret Ann Lembo is a noted author and speaker, sought after for close to 30 years. The author of The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones and Color Your Life with Crystals, she is a spiritual entrepreneur and practitioner, aromatherapist, and the owner of The Crystal Garden, a bookstore, gift store, and spiritual center in southeast Florida.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (June 19, 2018)
  • Length: 224 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781844097623

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Raves and Reviews

Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom has already earned a space on my shelf of favorite books. I’ve long believed in the power of animal totems, but only Margaret’s compendium links an animal with its unique gemstone, relaying the messages conveyed by both. Magic and meaning come together in this one-of-a kind resource, which I’ll be using daily. This book is irreplaceable.”

– Cyndi Dale, author of Energetic Boundaries

“Margaret Ann Lembo brings the animal and gemstone kingdoms together in an inspiring and enlightening way in this must-read reference book. With divine messages from animals, gemstones, and the angelic realm, including affirmations and questions and answers to contemplate and guide you, Lembo has created a spectacular guide you will turn to time and time again. Written in Lembo’s engaging style, you’ll easily discover deep and long-lasting connections to the animals and their associated gemstones. Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom should be in everyone’s personal library.”

– Melissa Alvarez, author of Animal Frequency and the Animal Frequency® Oracle Cards

“The wisdom imparted in Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom helps to remind us that there is so much support and re-empowerment available, if we can be open to receive it. With the heart-felt messages from the animals and their stones, each page offers us great opportunities for doing so!”

– Madeleine Walker, author of The Whale Whisperer and Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards

“Margaret Ann Lembo has created a thorough and powerful reference book that gives extensive information on Power Animals and their related minerals and gemstones, angelic correspondences and other useful data. This book is a must read for everyone’s spiritual reference library.”

– Nicki Scully, author of Power Animal Meditations

“What a tremendous and beautiful source book Lembo and Crookes have created for living in greater harmonic awareness with the animal, mineral and angelic kingdoms; a magical synthesis of correspondences between the animals and gemstones we may be drawn to or would benefit by, their spiritual allies and what they teach us. A fantastic and amazing book for everyone's use.”

– Dr. Zohara Hieronimus, DHL, author of White Spirit Animals: Prophets of Change

“Margaret Ann Lembo is one of my favorite authors. Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom is a practical, easy-to-read book full of valuable insights, affirmations, and wisdom to help you progress in every area of your life. You’ll read it for pleasure and inspiration, and will use it as a valuable resource for the rest of your life.”

– Richard Webster, author of You Can Read Palms

“I just adore this book. Margaret Ann has achieved something remarkable with Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom. This book contributes to the emerging human spirit of co-operation and understanding. The more we explore our relationship with animals and crystals the more we will benefit not only ourselves but humanity and its place within the cosmos.”

– Michael Eastwood, Chair of ACHO (Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organizations) 2009-2014

“With humor, style and grace, Margaret Ann Lembo has done it again. She has filled the pages with a blend of personal wisdom as well as clearly divine guidance. Margaret’s well-crafted messages from each animal, brings the reader peace. This book is a treasure trove of insight and self-care gifts.”

– Joan Ranquet, author of Communication with All Life

“Margaret Ann Lembo shares a new connection between the animal and crystal/gemstone realms, further acknowledging their guidance for us. It is imperative that humankind listens to the nature realms of Mother Earth at this time, to ensure our reconnection and ascension into Unity Consciousness. The wisdom imparted in Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom helps to remind us that there is so much support and re-empowerment available, if we can be open to receive it. With the heart-felt messages from the animals and their stones, each page offers us great opportunities for doing so!”

– Madeleine Walker, author of The Whale Whisperer and Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards

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