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Amina's Song

From beloved author Hena Khan comes the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Amina’s Voice, in which Amina finds the courage to share her love of Pakistan with her American community through speech and song.

It’s the last few days of her vacation in Pakistan, and Amina has loved every minute of her trip. The food, the shops, the time she’s spent with Thaya Jaan and her cousin Zohra—all of it holds a special place in Amina’s heart. But the school year is starting again, and while she’s sad to leave, Amina’s excited to share how wonderful Pakistan is with her friends back home.

Once Amina returns to Greendale, though, it seems like Soojin, Emily, and Rabiya don’t want to hear about her trip. And when she decides to do a presentation on Pakistani hero Malala Yousafzai, her classmates only focus on the worst parts of the story. How can Amina share the beauty of Pakistan when no one wants to listen?

In this companion novel to Amina’s Voice, Amina once again uses her voice to bridge the places, people, and communities she loves—this time across continents.

Photo (c) Havar Espedal

Hena Khan is a Pakistani American writer. She is the author of the middle grade novels Amina’s Voice, Amina’s Song, and More to the Story and picture books Golden Domes and Silver LanternsUnder My Hijab, and It’s Ramadan, Curious George, among others. Hena lives in her hometown of Rockville, Maryland, with her basketball-loving family. You can learn more about Hena and her books by visiting her website at or connecting with her @HenaKhanBooks.

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