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Advanced Sex Magic

The Hanging Mystery Initiation

Introduction and notes by Donald Traxler / Translated by Donald Traxler
Published by Inner Traditions
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

The first English translation of Maria de Naglowska’s treatise on advanced sexual magic practices, Le mystère de la pendaison

• Details Naglowska’s advanced occult teachings on the Third Term of the Trinity and the spiritually transformative power of sex

• Explains the mystical erotic hanging rituals of La confrérie de la Flèche d’Or [The Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow], the notorious occult order of 1930s Paris

• Continues the sexual initiatory teachings first expounded in Naglowska’s The Light of Sex

Available for the first time in English, Advanced Sex Magic illuminates the revolutionary occult teachings of Maria de Naglowska--Russian mystic, esoteric high priestess, and self-styled “Satanic Woman” of 1930s Paris. Her religious system, called the Third Term of the Trinity, considered the Holy Spirit (or Wholesome Spirit) to be feminine and taught the importance of sex for the regeneration of the world and the uplifting of humanity.

A complement to her The Light of Sex, this book on the hanging mystery initiation details her advanced teachings on the Third Term of the Trinity and the spiritually transformative power of sex and reveals the erotic ritual hanging and other sensory deprivation practices of her magical group, La confrérie de la Flèche d’Or [The Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow]. These advanced mystical sexual practices were required for initiation into the brotherhood, and, as Naglowska shows, only through the union of the masculine and the feminine can we bring about a reconciliation of the light and dark forces in nature.


Chapter 10
The Neutralization of the Black Fire

The Healer Mage cuts the gibbet rope at the exact moment when the strangulation risks becoming fatal.

The candidate, passed out, slides down then, supported by the Mage, to the bed of hay covered with a cloth of yellow silk, ready at the foot of the gibbet from the beginning of the session.

The Mage arranges the arms and legs of the Freedman, and gets his head into a comfortable position.

In a low voice the Venerable Warriors and the witnesses say the prayer of the healing sleep, while the Mage takes up the incantation that will accentuate and prolong the unconscious state of the man tested, all of whose strength still belongs to Satan.

A quarter of an hour later the basement door opens, and the priestess-lover of the tested Hunter appears on the threshold, draped entirely in white veils and with her hair flowing down her back.

She salutes the Warriors and the witnesses, who give her the acknowledgment owed to her high mission, and approaches the Healer Mage, who gives her the necessary instructions.

Absolutely calm, she listens and inclines her head in sign of comprehension. She immediately stretches out beside the man tested, but in the opposite direction. She remains thus, immobile, for several minutes, then she raises herself with a serpentine movement, extricates herself from her veils, and presses her palms upon the knees of the sleeper. Like a perfect acrobat, she raises herself on her hands, as a living column, perpendicular to the body of the supine man.

Her face being turned toward the man’s feet, her long blond hair falls over the thighs of the victor, communicating to them the solar vibrations with which it is charged. One knows, indeed, that a woman’s head belongs to the sun, and all the more so to the extent that she has been able to preserve, as our priestesses of the Satanic Temple do, the lunar quality of her sex. The young priestess stays in this bold position only a few moments. Very slowly, and in four wellcalculated movements--that of the legs, and then of the whole body lowered progressively to a low height over that of the sleeper, and the last two movements unfolding the legs and bringing the feet, one after the other, to rest upon the forehead of the Hunter--she forms a harmonious curve with her whole silhouette, and the Healer Mage immediately verifies the desired precision.

When everything is ready, the Mage pronounces the formula that favors and hastens the neutralization of the satanic fire in the man’s virile member.

This lasts several minutes.

The Mage verifies that the normal state has been reestablished in the body of the one tested, and he invites the woman to again take her first position beside the man, on the yellow cloth.

The priestess obeys.

Two witnesses rise then and bring near the bed a long cloak of black silk, which they spread out over the two bodies.

After that, the Warriors, the witnesses, and the Healer Mage exit in good order, leaving the couple alone, who must stay in the cellar of executions until the first light of dawn.

What happens during the night that follows in the somber cellar, at the foot of the gallows?

Here is what a twenty-six-year-old priestess says about it, who has become, thanks to their common victory, the bride of her Tested Knight.

“I had no doubt fallen asleep quickly after the departure of the witnesses and the Venerable Warriors, but I would not be able to say how long my dreamless sleep lasted.

“It was completely dark in the room, when I felt my Knight’s amiable hand upon the skin of my belly. I grabbed his wrist and said to him, ‘Are you behaving yourself?’

“‘What voice is this that interrogates me?’ he asked.

“‘The voice of the woman who has watched and maintained the sacred fire of the lamp, still burning tonight for you.’

“‘A woman, what is that?’ he said.

“And he himself answered:

“‘It is the Door by which we enter into the world and the Threshold, which we cannot cross to leave it. Woman, it is your fault if I am still here. Where do you want to take me now?’

“‘I am waiting for the dawn,’ I said.

“He sat up on our common bed and, pulling me gently by the arms, he made me sit up, too. We couldn’t see each other, because the torches had burned down to the end. A fragrant lukewarmness enveloped us, and I felt it as a very tender caress. Several long minutes went by in a deep silence.

“He then pulled me to him and, as we were both naked, I felt the heat of his body on my cheeks and my breasts.

“He took my head in his hands and kissed me on the forehead.

“It was the first kiss that I had received from my Knight, for whom alone I had lived for seven years.

“I was profoundly moved by it, and he realized it, for he said to me:

“‘Reclasp your golden buckles over your breasts, O adorable creature! It would be foolish to profane now what has been kept intact for such a long time. According to the Rule of this astonishing House, you are now my bride . . . now that I have known a wholly other felicity! Do you grasp the depth of this nostalgic exclamation? Are you ready to walk with me on a path whose eternal sorrow I now know and where nothing more will from now on be able to deceive me? Do you wish to belong to me in spite of that?”

About The Author

Maria de Naglowska (1883-1936), also known as the Sophiale de Montparnasse, was a Russian occultist, mystic, and founder of the Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow, whose conferences in Paris in the 1930s were attended by many now-famous individuals, such as Julius Evola, Man Ray, and André Breton. She is also known for her translation of P. B. Randolph’s Magia Sexualis, the classic occult text that has survived only through her translation.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Inner Traditions (July 25, 2011)
  • Length: 144 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781594778148

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Raves and Reviews

“In Advanced Sex Magic, we see the roots of occult practice in effect today: the focus on Satan and the role of Judas Iscariot demonstrates symbolic roots of Wiccan and psychotherapeutic “shadow work.” While Wiccans draw from a different mythological core, often preferring ancient myths of polytheistic (usually Celtic) cultures to Christian symbolism, the intent and impact serves the same purpose. . . Recommended . . .”

– Diana Rajchel,, September 2011

“Traxler’s work in translating and bringing de Naglowska’s work out of obscurity is admirable, and his notes and biographical commentary are invaluable. For all the flaws of her system, Naglowska was a remarkable woman, and these books are definitely worth investigating.”

– Spiral Nature, November 2012

“The English publication of the works of Maria de Naglowska is an enormous step in making the elusive information on sexual magic available to a new generation of readers.”

– Hans Thomas Hakl, author of Eranos: An Alternative Intellectual History of the Twentieth Century and

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