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303 Crushing Chess Tactics

Challenge 303 awesome tactical chess problems not only as fun puzzle-solving tests but a great training tool

Both a fascinating challenge and great training tool, these 303 awesome tactic puzzles are not only super fun to solve but great for beginners, advanced beginners, and intermediate players to use as tools to win chess games. Tactics are presented in order of difficulty so that players can advance from the simple to the complex positions. Finding the right answer will bring about a forced checkmate or a winning material superiority. Puzzles cover the gamut from straightforward moves right up to tricky traps. A book for chess winners!

Life Master Bruce Alberston, a well-known chess trainer and teacher in the New York City area, wrote or co-wrote more than two dozen well regarded chess books. He also is the behind-the-scenes writer of the very popular Bruce Pandolfini chess books.