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Xavier Dollo

About The Author

Bookseller, author, editor, speaker at the University of Rennes 2 on the history of imaginary literatures, Xavier Dollo is a lover of books, which he likes to publish (Le cycle de Lanmeur at Ad Astra, Dominium Mundi at Critic) as much as reading or writing (Alone, American Fays).

His awards include the "Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire" (as a publisher), the Rosny senior (for his short story Les Tiges) and the Prix Imaginales (for the collection Chuchoteurs du Dragon & Other Whispers, 2019, Elenya).

In recent years, he has refocused his literary activity on writing in short form. Thus, publishes, for free, on his blog ( series of texts entitled Apocalyptic Suites.

In 2020, his space opera Under the Shadow of the Stars was released in the Hélios des Moutons Électriques collection.


Books by Xavier Dollo