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Winner Twins

About The Author

The Winner Twins are America’s Youngest Multiple Award Winning Authors authors and identical twin sisters Brittany and Brianna Winner have written four science fiction novels, a writing book and several comic books.
The twins have won numerous awards for their novels including Best Young Adult Fiction and Best First Book Fiction. Brittany and Brianna have been featured in the media in newspapers, online and in TV shows on CNN, G4, ABC, HLN and the CW.
The twins also founded and run a nonprofit, Motivate 2 Learn, which they use to teach their award winning writing method in schools across the country and internationally.
Brittany and Brianna have spoken and taught to over one hundred fifty thousand students, teachers, and professionals. Their careers started at the age of twelve when their first novel became a national best seller and they are officially recognized as prodigies by The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children.

Books by Winner Twins