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Weston Ochse

About The Author

Weston Ochse has spent the last thirty five years in and out of various military organizations. Most of his work was with special operations, but he was also no stranger to nuclear artillery and mechanized infantry units. He's been to Afghanistan several times and knows the special sound of silence after an IED has been blown. He's trained soldiers all over the world, including Papua New Guinea, and Thailand in advanced weapons, special operations techniques, and various small unit tactics. His fascination with robotics was spurred by the advancements of Boston Dynamics and companies developing similar technologies. Combined with is love for real living dogs, merging the two ideas to create this story was the only way the story could progress. The author of more than thirty books, his SEAL Team 666 books have been optioned by Dwayne Johnson to be a major motion picture. He has also worked on the franchises of Hellboy, X-Files, Predator, Aliens, V-Wars, Clive Barker's Midian, and Joe Ledger. When not trying to take over small countries, you can find him hunkered down in southern Arizona with his wife and rescue Great Danes.

Books by Weston Ochse