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Stacey Radin Dr.

Photograph © Emily DeWan

About The Author

Dr. Stacey Radin was a psychologist, researcher, and consultant who dedicated her career to the development of girls and women. She was the founder and president of Corporate Equilibrium, specializing in the psychology of organizational effectiveness, a member of the United Nation’s Working Group on Girls and founder of Unleashed, a ground-breaking girl’s leadership program. In October 2019, the Children’s Aid Society of New York announced that Unleashed had donated its financial, educational, and intellectual assets in the memory of Stacey Radin to Children’s Aid, who will utilize these assets to build a new curriculum focused on adolescent girl empowerment, especially for their South Bronx community schools. Stacey’s passion for developing leadership programs designed to implement change, strengthen leaders’ ability to influence ethically, and create opportunities to experiment and think out of the box is a testament of how she will be remembered. The culmination of her experiences with Unleashed was the publishing of Brave Girls: Raising Young Woman With Passion and Purpose to Become Powerful Leaders. She passed away in 2018.

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