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Shulamith Oppenheim

About The Author

Shulamith Levey Oppenheim is the award-winning author of many books, including Iblis, a retelling of the Islamic version of the fall from Eden, and, with Jane Yolen, The Fish Prince, a collection of Mermen folktales, and The Sea King. She lives in Massachusetts. George Juhasz is an artist, designer, sculptor, filmmaker, and illustrator who lives in Vancouver, Canada. He was born in Hungary where he received his art training and has lived and worked in Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, England, and Canada. He has worked on over 100 animation projects, including The Yellow Submarine, The Selfish Giant, The Happy Prince, Young Robin Hood, and Joseph and his Brothers, and he also illustrated Pacific Tree Frogs.

Books by Shulamith Oppenheim