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Seanan McGuire

About The Author

Seanan McGuire ( writes things. It is difficult to make her stop. Her first book was published in 2009; since then, she has released more than thirty more, spanning multiple genres, all through traditional publishing channels, and has been awarded the Hugo Award three times and the Nebula Award once (so far). We’re not entirely sure she sleeps. We’re also not entirely sure she isn’t a living channel for the corn, green grow its leaves, shallow grow its roots. When not writing, she enjoys travel, spending time with her cats, and watching more horror movies than is strictly healthy for any living thing. Keep up with her online where she posts many, many pictures of the aforementioned cats. Seanan would like to talk to you about the X-Men, Disney Parks, and terrifying parasites. She can be bribed with Diet Dr Pepper to stop.

Books by Seanan McGuire