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SP Durnin

About The Author

For over a decade, S.P. Durnin criss-crossed the United States looking for that perfect pint of Guinness. Prior to lugging his Bug-Out-Bag into the Midwest, he lived in Montana, California, Colorado, Texas, New Jersey, and Washington. Over the years he has been shot, stabbed, beat up, blown-up, bludgeoned, electrocuted, mauled by a wild boar, and bitten by three separate rattlesnakes. S.P took up Parkour in early 2014 because he states after surviving all that, he was growing bored with the quiet life. Durnin hangs his mighty, steel brain-basher in Ohio. He resides with his family (the Redhead and the urchins), two dogs (the mutants), and two very spoiled cats (the stupid, furry, little ninja who are trying to kill him), where he’s currently working on the last of the “Keep Your Crowbar Handy” novels.

Books by SP Durnin