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Ryann Ford

About The Author

Raised in a Southern California mountain town so small it didn't even have a stoplight, Ryann Ford had the freedom to explore and observe from a young age. At age 12, she took her first photo using her father's old Pentax Spotmatic from Vietnam; at age 18 she enrolled in the renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography. Living in Los Angeles, Ryann's creative work began to focus toward two subjects: artifacts of the abandoned American desert, and the fading landscape of California's Salton Sea. In 2007, Ryann packed up her things and made the move to Austin, Texas, taking Route 66 to get there. Along the way, she discovered her next photography subject - the rest stop - a project that culminated in The Last Stop series. This work has been covered by outlets such as theNew York Times Magazine,The Wall Street Journal,The Atlantic, and NPR. Ryann is currently a commercial photographer who shoots regularly for such clients asBetter Homes and Gardens, TheNew York Times, andTexas Monthly. Her meticulously composed architectural and interior photography has become an industry favorite, and it is this style - clean and thoughtful - that continues to inform her fine art today.

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