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Robert Waters

About The Author

For the past 25 years, ROBERT E WATERS has served in the gaming industry, first as a Managing Editor at The Avalon Hill Game Company, and then as a producer, designer, and writer for several computer game studios. He is currently a designer at Breakaway LTD. His first published novel was “The Wayward Eight” (2014) for the tabletop game Wild West Exodus. His second novel, “The Cross of Saint Boniface,” an historical fantasy set in the 16th century, is available now on Amazon. Robert has been publishing fiction professionally since 2003, with his first sale to Weird Tales, “The Assassin’s Retirement Party.” Since then, he has sold over 60 stories to various online and print magazines and anthologies, including stories to Padwolf Publishing (the “13” anthology series), The Black Library (Games Workshop), Dragon Moon Press, Marietta Publishing, Dark Quest Books, Mundania Press, Nth Degree/Nth Zine, Cloud Imperium Games, Winged Hussar Press, Zmok Publishing, and the online magazine The Grantville Gazette, which publishes stories set in Baen Book’s best-selling alternate history series, 1632/Ring of Fire. 

Books by Robert Waters