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Peggy Panosh

About The Author

Peggy Panosh has carved a unique dual career path as both a highly respected Marketing Expert + Illustrator. With more than thirty years in media and entertainment, Peggy has worked with some of the prolific celebrities, from Howard Stern to Oprah, and world-renowned events from the Grammys to the Super Bowl, creating memorable moments for audiences all along the way. As a passionate traveler, having explored over seventy countries, Peggy’s love for creating art was ignited during one of her many global adventures. Her illustrations capture the heart and spirit of the people, places, and moments that touch her soul. In fact, if you look very closely at her drawings, you will find a teeny little heart in each one. Peggy’s illustrations have been seen on CBS Sunday Morning and she was a featured artist at Soho House’s Ludlow House in New York City. She splits her time between Brooklyn, New York and Madison, Wisconsin.

Books by Peggy Panosh