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Mini Museum

About The Author

The first Mini Museum collection launched in 2014 with a simple dream: to share a love of science and history, and enable regular people to own tiny, yet magical, pieces of amazing objects, all ethically sourced from sites around the globe. Since then, the Museum’s offerings have grown to encompass more than 150 different topics across billions of years of history. The Museum has reached more than 40,000 customers in 120 different countries, and has sent nearly 1,000,000 objects to homes, schools, and museums around the world. The Museum’s core product is a slab of Lucite smaller than the average tablet, with 30 or so fragments embedded in it—encompassing literally billions of years of history, from amino acids that predate our solar system to dinosaur bones, medieval chain mail, rock and roll ephemera, and modern spacecraft. Some of these items are also available as individual displays, charm bracelets, and more, each with detailed sourcing and certificates of authenticity.

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