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Malu Simoes da Cunha

About The Author

Malu Simões da Cunha & Alberto Musacccchio are the owners and proprietors of the Country House Montali, an award-winning hotel and restaurant in the Umbrian hills of northern Italy. Their dream has always been to offer fine vegetarian cuisine, no matter how difficult, how long it takes, or what the cost. Acclaimed chef Simões da Cunha, originally an architect, was born in Brazil but has lived in Italy most of her adult life. Reputedly one of the best vegetarian chefs in the world, she enjoys training young chefs who come from the best culinary schools to learn the secrets of this particular kind of cuisine. Alberto has been in the hospitality business for many years, running a successful pub and vegetarian restaurant from his early twenties onward.

Books by Malu Simoes da Cunha