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M.T. Reiten

About The Author

M.T. Reiten grew up in North Dakota where he discovered science fiction. He left grad school to join the Army and jump out of airplanes. He went into the Signal Corps, because they wanted electrical engineers. He spent time in Germany and Bosnia before returning to finish grad school. In the middle of his PhD, he got an opportunity to serve in Afghanistan with an infantry battalion. While deployed, he was a winner of the Phobos Award and Writers of the Future.

He returned to finish his PhD in electrical engineering (really physics, but don't tell anyone.) His stories have appeared in anthologies to include S.M. Stirling's, The Change: Tales of Downfall and Rebirth, and The Post-Apocalyptic Tourist Guide Series, and in SF magazines, such as DreamForge and an upcoming issue of Analog (a lifelong goal recently fulfilled.) He is also a Grand Prize winner of the Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Contest in 2020. He lives and writes in New Mexico with his wonderful wife and daughter and works at a government laboratory on national security technology.

Books by M.T. Reiten