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Lexy Rogers

About The Author

Lexy Rogers is a military wife and celebrity chef who has mastered the art of creating elevated home-cooked meals with simple ingredients on a shoestring budget. Her culinary creativity and drive to prove that comfort food can be affordable, accessible, delicious, and sophisticated landed Lexy a coveted white apron and a spot as a top nine finalist on Season 11 of MasterChef on Fox. There she showcased her talents on a world stage and received high praise from legendary chefs Gordon Ramsey and Roy Choi, among others. However, Lexy’s favorite role is as executive chef of her home kitchen, where she is assisted by her four tiny sous chefs and taste-testers, Luke, Lena, Luna, and Lael. You can find Lexy on Instagram and TikTok (@_lexyrogers) singing, dancing, and recreating her most delicious dishes in the home she shares with her husband, Lewis, and their four children.

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