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Joey Capuana

About The Author

Joey is a storyteller.

Raised on meatballs and sexual repression along the Jersey Shore, Joey Capuana (he/they) is an LA-based screenwriter, playwright, and comic book creator represented by Fourth Wall Management.?

His original comic book series TRANCE – to be published by Scout Comics in 2023 – has been optioned by an unannounced production company and is currently in development as a supernatural mystery series for TV. Joey is also developing an animated action-comedy series with Fourth Wall Animation and MG Productions based on the NYT-bestselling queer fantasy novel SO THIS IS EVER AFTER by FT Lukens.

After graduating summa cum laude from Northwestern University, Joey was selected as a WGAE “Made in NY” TV Writing Fellow and has developed TV and feature projects with producers Soo Hugh (showrunner, PACHINKO) and Abraham Higginbotham (EP, MODERN FAMILY). Joey worked as a Writers Room PA on Netflix's NARCOS and F IS FOR FAMILY and in Action-Adventure Development at Cartoon Network. He also spent several years in tech-y, business-y jobs at Google and Spotify with obscure titles like "Solutions Consultant". While he may be a left-brain/right-brain STEM legend, he never ever wants to make another pivot table for as long as he lives. ?

As a creator, Joey specializes in writing fast-paced comedy, animation, and world-building genre stories that mix outrageousness and raunch with sincerity and heart, all while exploring bold, queer and provocative takes on identity, gender, sexuality, and desire. 

Books by Joey Capuana