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Jennifer Otter Bickerdike

About The Author

Dr. Jennifer Otter Bickerdike is a familiar name in the world of pop culture. An academic, writer, presenter, and historian, Jennifer has spent her life dedicated to the mistress that is rock ’n roll. With more than thirty years of experience in the culture industries, ranging from her time as a former music industry executive in the US to surviving three waves of dot-com bubble bursting in the Silicon Valley, Jennifer brings a unique perspective to the discussion of contemporary music and media. A recovering Anglophile herself, she has authored several books on the topics of music, fandom, and celebrity cultism, including 2017’s #1 bestseller, Why Vinyl Matters; Joy Devotion: The Importance of Ian Curtis and Fan Culture; The Secular Religion of Fandom; and Fandom, Image and Authenticity: Joy, Devotion and the Second Lives of Kurt Cobain and Ian Curtis. Jennifer is the Global Music Ambassador for the British and Irish Modern Music Institute, co-founder of The Songs That Saved Your Life podcast and Moving the Needle, a nonprofit organization founded to support women in the UK music industry through their entire career. Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Jennifer now lives in London with her husband James and rescue dog Alfie. Connect with Jen on Instagram @JenniferOtterBickerdike or on her website for more information, newest events, and appearances.

Books by Jennifer Otter Bickerdike