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Jeffrey Allan Grosso

About The Author

Jeffrey Allan Grosso is the author of several scintillating books, screenplays, short stories, feature articles, songs, and poems. He has worked as a copywriter, editor, poker columnist (under the byline Chip Stax), and professional poker player. His column, Chip Stax’s Advanced Quantum Theories of Texas Hold ’em, ran in Poker Digest Magazine for three years and is considered to be the first humor column to focus specifically on Texas Hold ’em.

He has also worked as an antique clock dealer, commercial real estate salesman, car salesman, prep cook, line cook, waiter, bartender, wood splitter, and handyman. He currently resides in Redondo Beach, CA where he still plays in a weekly Texas Hold ’em tournament with the world-renowned Euclid Rangers. He continues to hold his own, and a little bit of theirs.

Books by Jeffrey Allan Grosso