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James Oliver Goldsborough

About The Author

James O. Goldsborough, raised in Los Angeles, is an award-winning writer with a 40-year career in journalism. Goldsborough spent 15 years in Europe as a foreign correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune, International Herald Tribune, Newsweek Magazine and the Toronto Star. He has written numerous articles for the New York Times Magazine, Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy. His first book, “Rebel Europe,” published by Macmillan, was hailed by the Los Angeles Times reviewer, “the most important book I have read in years.” He next published The Misfortunes of Wealth a family memoir dealing with the disadvantages of inherited money. His earlier well-received historical novels are The Paris Herald (2014) and Waiting for Uncle John (2018), both published by Prospecta Press and Blood and Oranges (2021) published by City Point Press.

Books by James Oliver Goldsborough