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Ilana Kukoff

About The Author

Ilana Kukoff began her career in education as the Chief Nurturing Officer of her family, a senior management position whose principal responsibilities included, but were by no means limited to, feeding, diapering, clothing, teaching, worrying, inspiring, and just the right amount of smothering. Somewhere between teaching her children the ABCs and explaining to them that it is NOT okay to "borrow" Mom's car keys to visit Jason's house, Ilana launched Cognition Builders, an education company that fosters healthy family dynamics via proprietary (Latin for "our lawyers will sue you if you even think about copying this") in-person and online techniques. Ilana was one of the keynote speakers at a TEDx conference, has been featured as an expert in parent-child relations on numerous episodes of Access Hollywood, and has been quoted in many family- and education-focused periodicals. When she's not helping other mothers and fathers communicate lovingly -- and effectively -- with their children, Ilana enjoys spending time with own kids (Zak, a budding entrepreneur and senior at NYU, and Alexandra, a proud first-year Bruin at UCLA).